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Lynn says I’m a bad person…and Paul here is your stupid update! | April 26, 2009

First I will start with…



I know how awesome is that!?


Speaking of pictures I went to NY about a month ago, and saw some pretty interesting things. I learned that some of the most successful people there are the people who panhandle.  Like the Naked Cowboy, or this guy…

Hopefully he's actually aware that a cat is on his head.

Hopefully he's actually aware that a cat is on his head.

I kinda like that the cat is using that guys head like Pride Rock standing next to the Lion King sign. But yeah that picture was paid for in order to take it. In fact when my mother snuck a picture as he was walking away, he turned around and demanded that she pay! No celebrity sightings on the street, but given my history on celebrity sightings and not noticing when I literally bump into them I probably just missed some (If you want to know ask about the Christopher Reeve story). We thought we might have seen the guy that played Death in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, but he was walking the other way and we couldn’t get a good look after the initial glimpse.

See you real soon...

See you real soon...

Another interesting picture not on facebook…



I took a picture of my uncomfortable dad sleeping next to a guy on the subway who looked like Castro.

I wanted to go see Conan O’Brien, but he moved to LA for the Tonight Show right before I got there. I was disappointed like socks for Christmas. On a completely random note on Conan O’Brien here he is dancing with Andrew WK.

Andrew WK is a tool...

Andrew WK is a tool...


Well I guess I’m done for now. I don’t have anything else really to talk about that’s all that interesting. I leave you with a question and answer open forum thing. What is the etiquette on Facebook birthdays if you call the person? I’ve run in to the situation a few times where I will call someone on their birthday, but they will not answer.  So at that point do you have to give a facebook happy birthday, or does the phone call give you a free pass?


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  1. I think that a missed birthday phone call can default to a facebook birthday greeting. I mean, it’s not your fault they don’t answer their phones.

    You could talk about Bruce, your bat friend.

    Comment by Jaime — April 27, 2009 @ 2:05 pm

  2. Thanks for the cat picture byline. Reread about the sleeping guy. It sounds like you mean dad was sleeping by the Castro guy. I thought the lady sleeping was pretty good too. Doesn’t she merit blog status?

    Comment by mom — April 27, 2009 @ 7:12 pm

  3. She definitely does. Unfortunately, the two pictures Jordan and I tried to nonchalantly sneak-take of her didn’t come out. I was afraid to try more than once. She looked like she might be a yeller.

    Comment by Jaime — April 27, 2009 @ 11:34 pm

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