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Please read and validate my decision to make one of these things! | March 6, 2009

What’s playing on iTunes? – brand-new-the-devil-and-god-raging Brand New – The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me

I’ve actually had quite a few people tell me that they miss reading my old xanga, but I thought one of the unwritten rules of graduating high school was not touching that again. So I figure why not set this up, and maybe see if people want to read it. As for the name I know it’s not Plastic Chaser like it usually is. I’m not one for false advertisement anymore, and I haven’t played ultimate in 2 years. I’ll update this for real as I think of something funny, or do something funny. Then I’ll probably update it for fake (?) when I have a question or thought.

I’m really just doing this because I honestly don’t have much better to do on the weekdays. I would say I’ll try to update once every 3 days or so. Why read my site you ask? I’ll have you know that I come writing with many accolades and awards to my name. In fact just today I was voted “The funny guy” by 1 person in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Facebook.com, and that’s not all!!! Just read these rave reviews from readers like you!

“Jordan is very introspective. He likes to hide under/behind his sunglasses and rocks at guitar hero.” – Beverly Luck (My ex girlfriends mother)

“A rude young man who complains when I don’t bring cookies, even though I spoil him” – James Martin (friend, co-worker, and free cookie dealer)

“Jordan is a happy, loyal, person. He always sees a different side of things. He sees humor in EVERYTHING! And… he makes me laugh!!! loyal person— no comma!” – Kathy Glidewell (aka Mom #2)

“Widly hilarious, yet touching in a sense that catches you off guard. Truly, a viewing pleasure. Two Thumbs up!” – Maggie Walker (Best friend)

“Jordan is a whitty, humerous, friendly person with a lot of spunk. Great to have around!” – Sarah Sawyer (friend and fellow music head)

“Crazy, sexy, cool” – Melissa Abney (creepy TLC fan…)

“If I had a facebook account, and he added me as a friend…I would probably say ignore…” -Erik Ramm (friend and beard expert)

“This egg beater is going to get really uncomfortable unless you stop being a jerk!” -Brett Johnson (friend and fellow I.T. nerd)

The only thing missing from these compliments is this guy yelling at the camera!



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  1. I miss xanga days secretly, too.

    Comment by Katherine — March 6, 2009 @ 6:35 pm

  2. stamped and validated-love that brand new album.

    Comment by fuji — March 9, 2009 @ 10:07 pm

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