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No stairway?! Denied!

March 16, 2009

I’m not as creative as I used to be. I guess when all I do is sit at home I don’t get out to see things that inspire my funny bone. This weekend I didn’t have to work on a Saturday for once, so I decided to make the most of my empty weekend and indulge in the latest version of one of my favorite game series.


I’m not going to review it don’t worry. Actually I’m going to say that it’s a very very good game. Just going to point out that yes even in AAA titles like this one that warrants the entire city of San Francisco to play zombie for a night…


that yes I can find things that make me laugh everytime I see them when they come on screen. So basically here’s what I learned in a nutshell playing this game.


Chris Redfield looks like a bunch of people…

No...the one on the right...

No...the one on the right...

Stephen Baldwin (in his "The Usual Suspects" days)

Stephen Baldwin!

My good friend Chris Peluso

My good friend Chris Peluso


Wesker = Nightcrawler

As teleported by Alan Cumming in X-Men 2...

As teleported by Alan Cumming in X-Men 2...

As teleported by Wesker in RE5...

As teleported by Wesker in RE5...


AI partners will always make you frustrated. I don’t know how many times I caught myself screaming at my tv “Dont run towards the guy with the chainsaw you stupid ho!”

Yeah I'm sure he just wants a hug. Go ahead and make me lose real fast...

Yeah I'm sure he just wants a hug. Go ahead and make me lose real fast...


There were other things that made me laugh, but it would be better left in an MST3K type environment with open commentary while I play it. I would play through this game again, but not right now. If you non nerds kept reading this I’ll put something else up here for you, the large majority. This is the point where I apologize to my parents for time and money wasted on my college education, and post an actual paper I turned in to an English class for a real grade. The subject of the paper was “Great American Heroes”, and we were actually supposed to interview people. This assignment was actually worth alot of points, and was intended to have taken much longer than the 2 hours it took to interview my “hero” and write the paper to turn in the next morning. So I jumped on AIM and checked to see who was on, and there was my friend and now co-worker Jesse Larru online for once. The following are actual questions I asked him for the interview, and the paper that resulted. Once again sorry mom and dad. I have a real job now look I swear!


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“Enough of the serious stuff. Let’s get into the lighter side of Jesse Larru. Let’s start with a question that has plagued mankind for centuries. If the four presidents depicted on Mt. Rushmore came to life and fought in four man free for all, who would win? The general consensus of this question is usually Honest Abe, and it was no different here. Jesse gave Abe Lincoln thumbs up and said “you just can’t beat his reach.” We also touched base on another important subject. The question of alter-ego’s came up next. If he were a supervillain who would he be? Jesse replied with Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch rival and one time friend. Lex Luthor is filthy rich, and has behind him a Legion of Doom. With these men he constructs gadgets and plans to control the world. Jesse one day strives to be rich, but who doesn’t. He probably won’t have a Legion of Doom either.

Jesse Larru is a great American hero. He is much like G.I. Joe, but without the power chopper or mobile command unit. We are friends because we agree on many things. Like how Bruce Willis is probably a robot from the future. And how those Listering Pocketpacks taste like crap. If you have not met this man then do yourself a favor. Go by his job at S&K Menswear, and look for the man not working and shouting obscenities. He seems intimidating at first, but the moment you talk to him you will not regret it. Then when you put on the suit he sold you; you can think Jesse

Larru is a great American hero, and I salute him.”


English was one of the only classes I passed at that place too somehow. Oh and in case you were wondering about the title…

weedly waaaaaaaaaah


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This is ponderous man…

March 10, 2009

WHAT’s on iTunes right now – john John Lee Hooker – The Best of from 1965-1974

I just saw a tow truck getting hooked up to another tow truck on the way back from work. So I literally saw a definition of irony today. The best part about it was the guy towing the tow truck wasn’t even from the same company…

I was busy and stressed this past weekend! Mostly because I was building a PC out of mostly delicate dog sized parts…


But in the end after missing 1 tiny plug on the motherboard we finally got it up and running!





Now is the time for open letters to either inanimate objects I hate, or people I’ll never meet again…


Dear Laundry,

You suck. Learn to wash yourself as I have…

I hope that smell isn’t me…,



Dear cute girl who lives in my apt. complex who I almost hit with my car,

Sorry I almost hit you backing out last week. If we ever meet please don’t let that change your opinion of me.

very late for work…,



Dear Wide Load Truck behind the wide load on the highway (example wideload250x245)

Haha I think we can see the house thanks. If you can’t you’re blind and should not be driving…

extra cynical for some reason…,



This post was kind of quick and pointless. Expect something bigger next time hopefully…

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Please read and validate my decision to make one of these things!

March 6, 2009

What’s playing on iTunes? – brand-new-the-devil-and-god-raging Brand New – The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me

I’ve actually had quite a few people tell me that they miss reading my old xanga, but I thought one of the unwritten rules of graduating high school was not touching that again. So I figure why not set this up, and maybe see if people want to read it. As for the name I know it’s not Plastic Chaser like it usually is. I’m not one for false advertisement anymore, and I haven’t played ultimate in 2 years. I’ll update this for real as I think of something funny, or do something funny. Then I’ll probably update it for fake (?) when I have a question or thought.

I’m really just doing this because I honestly don’t have much better to do on the weekdays. I would say I’ll try to update once every 3 days or so. Why read my site you ask? I’ll have you know that I come writing with many accolades and awards to my name. In fact just today I was voted “The funny guy” by 1 person in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Facebook.com, and that’s not all!!! Just read these rave reviews from readers like you!

“Jordan is very introspective. He likes to hide under/behind his sunglasses and rocks at guitar hero.” – Beverly Luck (My ex girlfriends mother)

“A rude young man who complains when I don’t bring cookies, even though I spoil him” – James Martin (friend, co-worker, and free cookie dealer)

“Jordan is a happy, loyal, person. He always sees a different side of things. He sees humor in EVERYTHING! And… he makes me laugh!!! loyal person— no comma!” – Kathy Glidewell (aka Mom #2)

“Widly hilarious, yet touching in a sense that catches you off guard. Truly, a viewing pleasure. Two Thumbs up!” – Maggie Walker (Best friend)

“Jordan is a whitty, humerous, friendly person with a lot of spunk. Great to have around!” – Sarah Sawyer (friend and fellow music head)

“Crazy, sexy, cool” – Melissa Abney (creepy TLC fan…)

“If I had a facebook account, and he added me as a friend…I would probably say ignore…” -Erik Ramm (friend and beard expert)

“This egg beater is going to get really uncomfortable unless you stop being a jerk!” -Brett Johnson (friend and fellow I.T. nerd)

The only thing missing from these compliments is this guy yelling at the camera!


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